This is a technique that has been around as long as highlights have! It is a french word and means “to sweep”. When painting the hair you sweep the lightener across the hair. Leaving a sun kissed natural color.

Balayage is a custom color. The lighter used isn’t the same lightner that is used for traditional highlights in foils. It is a clay based lightener. it creates a hard outer shell allowing it to insulate its self and process. It is also the most gentle lightener used on hair. Many are infused with love, lavender and bonding agents.

If you are brunette and want to achieve super blonde results, please know it will take several sessions with this technique. Imagine a little girls hair after the summer. How she will have beautiful soft highlights. That is what balayage is. If you want more dramatic results then foilayage or baby lights would be a better choice.

For a balayage service expect to me in my chair for 3 to 4 hours. You get hand painted custom highlights, gloss, color melt, treatment and style of choice.

Balyage is ideal for those that don’t want to be in my chair several times a year. You can get it done as little as once a year! Most clients see me either 12 to 16 weeks in between. You don’t get the harsh grow out line that traditional highlights give.